Blood Money

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Azzam Abdullah has survived ten years of reporting on the terrorism financier he works for to the CIA. He lives a carefully solitary life, determined not to drag anyone else down with him when his double-dealing is one day discovered by the ruthless zealot he works for.

Unfortunately, he’s dismayed to find he’s done just that when his employer, infuriated to uncover the depths of Azzam’s betrayal, attempts to leverage the safety of a woman from Azzam’s past in an effort to flush him out of hiding. In order to end this dangerous game of cat and mouse, Azzam must choose between everything he’s sacrificed for and the life of an innocent woman.

Here’s what people are saying about Blood Money:

Tiffany’s Bookshelf: “Typically, books involving espionage and terrorism are just not my thing, but this book really captured me from the start.”

Dwell in Possibility: “Blood Money was, for me, a very enjoyable, very well-crafted story that developed interesting and sympathetic characters effectively, offered “thriller” moments, and wrapped everything up cleanly without becoming trite. In fact, I was impressed by how well the author managed to balance the edge-of-the-seat moments with the moments of real humanity.”

I Read a Book Once: “Ms. Mitchell has a phenomenal skill for writing a thriller.  Blood Money was a “page-turner” or as much as one could be on the Kindle.  The way she moves from character to character throughout the story keeps the suspense at a high level.  She also provides little bits of insight into each character and what motivates them to do what they do.  She keeps up this relentless game of show and tell until nearly the final pages of the book when it all falls into place.”

Ace and Hoser Blook: “There are some good twists and turns and one that I didn’t see coming at the end of the book. I always enjoy being surprised and find that it’s happening less and less for me while reading these days.”

The Best Books Ever: “This was definitely a book that I could envision as a movie.  It has some pretty cool global settings, takes place over a very short period of time, and is constantly on the move.  I finished the book way quicker than I had expected, because it was really hard to put down!”

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