Close to the Bones (a thriller anthology)

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Eleven talented authors. Eleven remarkable thrill rides. One incredible thriller collection.

From the frozen waste to a tropical paradise, nowhere is safe. Nearly 350 pages of thriller short stories to capture your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat. Start at the beginning and you may find that you can’t stop until you’ve reached the end.

A Bedtime Bones Story by Martha Carr. “Sometimes the darkest moments can set us free.”

Paranoid in Paradise by Craig Martelle. “Attitude can make anywhere a paradise, until the kidnappings begin.”

Green Lake Bones by A.C. Fuller. “Elite Indie Reads anticipates that A.C. Fuller will soon be a household name.” Elite Indie Reads

Knuckle Bones by David Berens. “Someone is sending finger bones to the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan and it’s up to Troy Bodean to figure out who they belong to and why they’re no longer attached.”

The Spy Who Came in from the East Coast by Erika Mitchell. “What makes this series so pleasurable to read is Bai himself, his somewhat snarky attitude and self doubt make him more than the mere superhero jumping into the chaos to save the day.” Jeff Ayers for Suspense Magazine

Fatherlands by Basil Sands. “Based on a true family story, Fatherlands blends history, action, and suspense in a tale of espionage, murder and a flight to freedom, all beneath the gaze of the Midnight Sun.”

The Interrogator by John LIng. “An engaging thriller that investigates the psychology of fanaticism.” San Francisco Book Review

The Backpack by Ethan Jones. “Justin is such an awesome character Read in one sitting. Lots action.” Amazon Reviewer

Girl Will Frame by Mixi J Applebottom. “Why does a small-town woman make a decision with terrifying consequences?”

Catching the Edge by Stephen Campbell. “You had me at elegantly sleek woman crawling across the bed, damned good story!”

The Dark Imprint by Lee Hayton. “When Bretta actions a job for the police, her work reveals a serial killer who may prove to be unstoppable.”