The Backyard Burger Murder

The Backyard Burger Murder is a fiction novelette (meaning it’s too long to be considered a short story, but too short to qualify as a novella {a novella is the novel’s little sister}).

When a woman falls critically ill during his barbecue (which is a nice way of saying she pukes all over his floor right in the middle of the party), John writes the whole thing off as simple bad luck and leaves it at that. When he learns that she’s been poisoned, he decides to solve the attempted murder in a desperate attempt to get his rich neighbors to give him money.

Maybe it’s just because he’s bored, or maybe it’s because attempting to solve an attempted murder beats going door to door asking for handouts. Either way, he’s going to get the job done. Even if what he finds turns everything he’s taken for granted on its head.

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It’s a fun read, please enjoy!