Erika is a thriller author specializing in modern espionage stories. Her first book, Blood Money, was published by Champagne Books in 2013.

Bai Tide, the first book in her Bai Hsu series, was released April 2015. Take the Bai Road, book two of the series, was released in July 2017 and is now available everywhere.

To keep up with Erika’s musings on anything from pygmy goats to writing the perfect fight scene (and every weird thing in between), check out Erika’s blog.

For more information on Erika’s books, click here to learn about Blood Money (heroic accountant takes down a terrorism financier ring), here for Bai Tide (North Korea tries to bomb Seoul and a CIA spy has to break into Pyongyang to stop them), and here for Take the Bai Road (a CIA spy is sent to track a mysterious new cartel in Mexico and winds up neck deep in a massive conspiracy).

If you would like to connect with Erika, she is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and welcomes new online friends on both. If in-person mingling is more your thing, check out the Events page to find out where Erika will be next.

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